donations are what keep inner-calm going, and are what helps us continue
to support australians struggling with mental illness. donations come in many
different forms, such as money, time, platform, and so many other ways. you can

volunteer time
post on social media
donate money
sign petitions for government funding
help us gain celebrity attention

use the hashtag '#innercalm' on instagram, twitter or facebook to help
spread our message and support our cause!

celebrities we are interested in working with includes but is not limited to: demi lovato, for her openness
about addiction recovery and open discussion of mental illness; prince harry, for revealing to the public how
he after his mother's passing and how he has since become an advocate for mental health; chris evans, who
has opened up about his social anxiety despite being in the public eye.

all monetary donations go towards paying our clinical psychologists and
psychiatrists in australia to help keep all our sevices free to those who need
them most. you can also volunteer and raise money to donate, or partake
in our annual "inner-calm living" event, where we challenge people to
meditate every day for a month to see how to can affect their
mood, in order to raise money for our cause. this takes place during suicide
prevention month, as that is a time when mental health awareness is most key.